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Transaction preparation

Transaction preparation covering research and documentation (teaser, confidential information memorandum, non-disclosure agreements, financial models and more), transaction criteria (construction and refinement), initial counterparty universe and detailed financial modelling.

Buyer/Target universe

Target or buyer Universe buildout incorporating research, analysis, profiling, prioritisation and project ramp up.

Campaign outreach & project management

Target universe campaign and process management including segmentation, prioritisation and resource assignment. Counterparty engagement and evaluation including NDA execution, information dissemination and gathering with subsequent recategorization and universe refinement (additions, rejections).

Narrow the field

Advance counterparty interaction including negotiation, option analysis, transaction structuring to “narrow the field”

Preferred counterparty selection

Preliminary due diligence, valuation and transaction structure analysis to enable preferred counterparty selection.

Detailed negotiations

Detailed negotiation covering structuring, pricing and execution of formal heads of terms, letter of intent and exclusivity agreements.

Exclusivity and due diligence

Exclusivity and due diligence management. VDR set-up and population including managing of responses to FDD, LDD, CDD.

Project management to completion

Project management during exclusivity regarding other advisor management and any due diligence renegotiations, ensuring timely completion.